Lauren & The Pledge

There’s a lot going on in the United States right now: race riots in Ferguson, the US battling ISIS, the growing level of income inequality, etc. And I know for all of us the 13th anniversary of 9/11 has weighed heavy on our hearts and minds this week.

However, every now and then, no matter how bad things look, something will happen to make you proud to be an American. You’ll remember that despite our history, this is still a land of promise, and that there is still hope for the next generation.

For us, that was hearing Lauren recite the Pledge of Allegiance for the first time. In reviewing her weekly syllabus from school I saw that the theme for the week was “citizenship”, and the word of the week was “allegiance”. So after a quick talk this morning about what it means to have good citizenship, I asked her if she knew the pledge. She said yes and recited it perfectly. I was so excited, I had her go upstairs and do it for her Dad, and this is the video we got: (Warning: it gets pretty loud at the end)

It was a great memory to capture of a little citizen in the making. :)

Lauren’s First Day of Preschool


Monday was Lauren’s Official First Day of Preschool!

It wasn’t her actual first day of daycare. That was October 4, 2010, when we put her right into daycare at the age of 6 weeks old so that Mommy could go back to work.


Nor was it her first day at any new sort of school. The school she currently goes to, she actually started back on August 29, 2011.


But it was her first day in that school’s official Pre-K program, so we took a picture!

This is her “It’s bright, it’s early, and my annoying Mom won’t stop taking pictures” face:


As you can see at first she wasn’t that interested, but when I handed her the prop, she got more into it.


So how has her first week been? Great! She’s already come home with new words (like “chewy”, before everything was “crunchy”), and new phrases (like “so why did you say that?”) and, of course, lots of songs and stories. Parenting-wise, the only difference is that her new class doesn’t eat breakfast until 9am, which means we’ve had to start giving her a little snack before we head out the door.

The other thing this means is that we’re one step closer to her starting kindergarten next year. Unfortunately, our local school district isn’t one of the strongest, and our zoned elementary school has some shockingly low test results. So the hubs and I have decided to start exploring alternative options for elementary schools. Our current list consists of two private schools, two charter schools, one Catholic school, and one public magnet school. We’ve been told it smart to apply to so many because many local schools accept students via a lottery system, and you want to make sure you have a spot somewhere. Each of these schools will require tours and applications, and, for some of them, testing. And with the first round of applications being due this December, it’s going to be a busy fall!

It honestly seems kind of daunting right now, but every kid deserves a great education, and we’re going to try our best to give her one. And we know most importantly, that no matter how things play out, as long as she’s raised in a house full of love with family and friends around she’ll be fine.


What about you guys? How are your kids doing in school this year? Anybody else prepping for a big round of applications? Any tips?? 😉





Lauren’s 4th Birthday Recap

First, welcome to the new blog! I’m still making a few minor tweaks here and there, but it feels good to give a fresh face to this almost 4 year old little corner of the web. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to let me know if you have any problems. Now on to the birthday fun!


Can you believe our baby just celebrated her 4th birthday?! Happy Birthday Lauren!!

The weekend started off with a pretty big bash at school. There was cheesy pizza delivered for lunch and then Tinkerbell cupcakes and a birthday candle for snack. Afterward, we headed home with our life size Tinkerbell balloon and Lauren got to open her BIG gift from Grandma, a castle for the girls!


As you can see she was VERY excited about it!


She played with that thing all evening.


Until I finally had to force her to go to bed!

The next day was her birthday party. We had it at a place called Lil’ Chef in Raleigh and, although we kept it considerably smaller than her party last year, the kids still had a blast!

lilchef2-650x346.jpegHBD LDH-8HBD LDH-11HBD LDH-14HBD LDH-17HBD LDH-20HBD LDH-23

They got to decorate their own hat and then make Pixie pancakes and fruit fairy wands. Afterward they put on their custom apron favors and we adults all tried to get pictures until it was time for them to dance on out the door!

It was so cute, but let me tell you, THIS is what it looks like when you try to take a picture of eleven 4 year olds:


Saturday night, while Mommy went to a bridal shower, Lauren and Daddy went on another late night chicken nugget run!

Turn Down for What!!

Turn Down for What!!

On Sunday morning, we had breakfast and played with Gummy…


Until it was time to go to the Fresh Beat Band concert with Lauren’s best friend Zoey and her family!!


Ready to Dance with Daddy!

We had so much fun and the kids were super excited! We even ran into Lauren’s classmate Christopher!





So as you can see overall it was a GREAT weekend for our GREAT 4 year old!! :) Happy Birthday Lauren! We love you SO MUCH!

Updates Coming Soon!

Notice anything different? As we got back into blogging we started to notice quite a few things needed updating. So, pardon our mess as we get the last few kinks worked out, and instead, enjoy this picture of our 4 year old (!) blowing out her candles at her school party. More pics to come…




Selfies in Church

So this is what happens on Sundays when Daddy has to serve…

and Mommy’s running late…

and Lauren doesn’t make it into Children’s Ministry…

and so Mommy hands her the phone to keep her quiet…

… you get Selfies in Church!


Hey Look! I can take pictures on Mommy's phone!

Hey Look! I can take pictures on Mommy’s phone! Happy Face!

I'm So Sleepy!

Sleepy Face!

Sad Face!

Sad Face!

Mad Face!

Mad Face!

Silly Face!

Silly Face!

OK , Dad Selfies are NOT Cool...

OK , “Dad Selfies” are not cool…

Alright I'm Over It. Let's Go...

Alright I’m Over It. Let’s Go…

… ya’ll pray for them. :)


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