Lauren’s January 2013 Photos…

… are up! Whew!! As you can see by the shots, this little girl keeps us busy! In virtually every picture she’s either sleeping or doing SOMETHING, which means we Hales’ have to stay on our toes with her.

I would go so far as to estimate that of the time we spend at home with her, 25% is doing something fun together, 25% is cleaning up a mess she just made, 20% is stopping her from doing something she has no business, and 20% is getting ready for what she’s going to do next! That leaves only about 10% for taking care of non-Lauren related business, so it’s no wonder that sometimes it feels like all Lauren all the time!

But we just smile and tell ourselves it’s worth it. In a few short years she won’t want to be bothered with us, and then shortly after that she’ll be off on her own adventures. And we’ll be left with just the memories of this crazy, messy, loud time.

So thanks Lauren for sharing with us another month of your insanity. We look forward to many more. :)

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