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I love Christmas! It’s definitely one of my favorite times of year. However, being that we here at the Hales house are behind on pretty much EVERYTHING Christmas related, I find myself longing for the lazy days of summer. You know, days spent lounging around the house…

… taking leisurely rides…

… or enjoying a nice cool drink on a hot summer day.

So when I found these and about 8 other photos on an old memory card, I had to upload them into the monthly Lauren photo gallery to share. You can find them under the heading July 2012. So take a moment to reflect & enjoy. :) And when your done, get back to that To Do list!

P.S.: Lauren’s November 2012 photos are up!

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

Yes, this post is about 24 hours late, but it still rings true. :)

We have so much to be thankful for: our health, our families, and especially loyal blog readers like you! And so as a cute little treat, as my 2 year old ran throughout the house yesterday morning shouting “Happy Thanksgiving!”, I tried to capture a picture the moment on video.

Here’s my first take. You can tell my child is the daughter of a photographer 😉

What a HAM! Well, later that evening she started it again, and I think I was able to catch it!

So “Happy Thans-gibbing” from our family to yours! In this upcoming season of “Buy! Buy! Buy!” and “Spend! Spend! Spend!” take time to remember what it is you’re truly glad to have. :)

Lauren’s 2 Year Check Up

So the Tuesday before Halloween was Lauren’s 2 year check up. I know what you’re saying, “2 year? Wasn’t that 2 months ago?” And you’re right! But her pediatrician is so amazing, this is the earliest we could get an appointment. So we headed over right after nap. We were a little early, but I wanted to make sure we had time to get checked in with our new health insurance and everything. After that was all squared away, we played the waiting game.

We Played…

… and Waited…


… and Played…

But pretty soon everything was squared away and it was time to head back. First up was the weight check….

… then the height…

Here are Lauren’s 2 Year Stats:

  • Height: 35.04″ (63rd percentile – Slowing Down!)
  • Weight: 29 lbs (70th percentile – Just About the Norm.)

Since Lauren seems to just tower over everyone, we just knew she was going to be at least 3 feet and weigh almost 40 pounds! But it was comforting to know that she’s right on track to be a normal-sized kid. :)

Then we headed back to the room, where Mommy and Daddy had to fill out a questionnaire.

So Lauren spent some time…

… helping us answer the questions…

… playing with the wall toys…

… and singing songs with Daddy!

After a while all that got old, so she tried to put on her shoes and leave.

But she couldn’t go yet, because at just that moment Dr. Jackson walked in! We had a quick chat about Lauren and her stats and how everything she’s doing is normal. Then he did a quick check up…

… and the nurse came in to give a (really!) quick flu shot.

Seriously! That lady was fast! The only way we knew she did anything was by Lauren’s sudden screaming. But never fear, our big girl bounced right back!

And we took home a happy and healthy kid. :)

Happy Halloween!!

Trick or Treat!!

This year we chose to dress Lauren up as one of her favorite cartoon characters, Olivia. And this past Friday, Lauren got to have a trial run of her costume at her school’s Halloween Party. So in setting the mood for the day, I figured I’d share some pics! This year was the first year Lauren ever got to participate in “Trunk or Treat”. The close off the parking lot, and after a quick parade, she and all the kids in her class got to go to each of the roughly 10 cars and collect candy.

“Daddy Hold My Stuff”

It was cute and gave us a great chance to see the other kids costumes…

Charlie as “Max”

Paola the Princess

… and the teacher’s costumes too…

Ms. Tia as Paprika

…and to take a quick picture with Daddy.

“Happy Halloween Everyone!”

To keep the energy high, we decided to let Lauren have a piece of her candy…

“Yummy, Yummy!”

… as we headed in to wait for the food and games to start.

Patiently Waiting

It wasn’t long before we could actually see the moment all that sugar took hold!

And she was off!! The first stop was the dance party room, where Lauren danced/ran around for a minute…

…before becoming completely entranced by the smoke machine.



Then we were off to her old class room, where this year she got to make her own snacks!

Lauren was really good at that…

After a quick break for a hotdog and some chips, we headed off to the room with Goldilocks & the 3 bears.

It was then that Lauren realized, she was in heaven.

You see their “porridge” was actually applesauce…

… her newest favorite food.

We did get her to look up long enough to take a picture with the teachers.

And for obliging us we let her have a 2nd bowl.

Then we headed out. We made a quick stop for another dance in the dance party room, then Mommy and Daddy spent more time socializing with our friends the Branscombs, before we headed outside for one last bit of fun in the bouncy house.

“Bounce Bounce Bounce!”

Lauren bounced and played and had a great time, but after Mommy got this picture of her coming off the bouncy house slide…

… we knew the sugar had taken over and it was time to go! 😉

We hope you all have a safe, fun, & happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Fun!

This past weekend we were lucky enough to get to spend the day with one of our favorites, Lauren’s “twin” brother, Myles!

You may remember Myles from this photo of he and Lauren when they were only a week old:

Lauren & Myles, September 2010

Or this photo at Myles’ Super Bowl Party in 2011:

Myles & Lauren, February 2011

Well this is Lauren & Myles now:

Lauren & Myles, October 2012

These kids are so BIG!! And had so much fun hanging out this weekend! Even though it was cold, we got to spend sometime outside. They played in the backyard on the slide. Then they went outfront to play. First Lauren pushed Myles…

… then Myles pushed Lauren…

… then they both spent some time spreading dandelion seeds in the yard!

Wild Kids! Finally they went inside to look at the frog Mr. James caught.

Hi Froggie!

“I wanna touch it!”

It was all alot of fun! But not nearly as fun as our time spent decorating pumpkins after nap. It all started a few weeks ago when Lauren and I went to go pick out our pumpkins.

“Hmmm… Let me see…”

“Look Mommy! Punkins AND Flowers!”

Lauren was actually really excited about the whole thing, and from that moment on treated the “punkin” like her little friend. It rode around in the cart with her…

Lauren & “Punkin”

… and, after we got it home and did a trial run on the decoration idea, she made it a point to greet it every time she came home! She would pick it up…

… move it to exactly where she wanted it…

… and even kiss it good night!

So I knew when Myles was here, we had to decorate the other one for him. So, in copying this neat idea I got from Pinterest,  the 1st thing I did was gather my supplies:

Craft Adhesive Spray, Glitter, a Pumpkin, Scissors, & Masking/Painter’s Tape

Then I taped off the face that I wanted to put on the pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!

Then I got Myles and we took the whole project outside. I gave the pumpkin a good spray of craft adhesive, and I let our little artist go to work!

You can see I placed the pumpkin in an old pan as a way to catch the glitter and keep some of it from getting all over him. Also you can see we originally tried painting it on, but we had a lot more success using our fingers to sprinkle it or just shaking it straight from the tube. That also made it a lot more fun! And Myles was totally into it! He just shook…

… and shook…

… and shook!

When we both felt like we had good coverage, we left it outside to dry and make sure all that glitter was stuck on there.

And just before it was time for him to go, we peeled off the tape and…


We had a jack-o-lantern!! It’s scary and magical and hopefully not too glittery for a little boy. 😉 For contrast, here’s a shot of what Lauren’s pumpkin, our trial run, looked like.

It’s not super fancy, but I think it came out OK. And I have to admit, it was a very cheap, easy, and age-appropriate way for the kids to decorate their very own pumpkin. So if you’re ever in need of a quick and easy Halloween craft for a toddler, I highly recommend you have some Pumpkin Fun!

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