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Notice anything different? As we got back into blogging we started to notice quite a few things needed updating. So, pardon our mess as we get the last few kinks worked out, and instead, enjoy this picture of our 4 year old (!) blowing out her candles at her school party. More pics to come…




Selfies in Church

So this is what happens on Sundays when Daddy has to serve…

and Mommy’s running late…

and Lauren doesn’t make it into Children’s Ministry…

and so Mommy hands her the phone to keep her quiet…

… you get Selfies in Church!


Hey Look! I can take pictures on Mommy's phone!

Hey Look! I can take pictures on Mommy’s phone! Happy Face!

I'm So Sleepy!

Sleepy Face!

Sad Face!

Sad Face!

Mad Face!

Mad Face!

Silly Face!

Silly Face!

OK , Dad Selfies are NOT Cool...

OK , “Dad Selfies” are not cool…

Alright I'm Over It. Let's Go...

Alright I’m Over It. Let’s Go…

… ya’ll pray for them. :)


Meet the Girls!

Have you met the girls? They are 6 of the best playmates a girl could ask for and Lauren’s current obsession!

Hi Everybody!

Hi Everybody!

They are, from left to right, Aurora, Ariel, Aurora, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Ariel. They are from the Fisher Price Little People collection of Disney Princesses.

Tiana and Rapunzel were actually given to Lauren by a friend for her 2nd birthday. At the time she didn’t pay them too much attention, until about 2 months ago, when she discovered the idea of fairies and little people, and those two tiny girls became her new favorite thing. It wasn’t until my Mom came to watch Lauren in early July, while James and I went to the Dominican Republic, that she got the other 4.

Why 4? Well for starters, the girls are small, only about 2.5″ on average.

Little Girls 02

Little Girls!

… and at the time, Lauren was carrying them all around by hand. So, little hands, chunky girls, you can imagine how easily someone got left behind in their room to room excursions. And, of course, when one got lost, like a good grandmother, my Mom just went and bought her another set! (Love you Mom!) But no worries, as soon as Mommy got back into town, we all went to Walmart and picked up an $0.89 back to school mini-crate, and the girls have been rollin’ ever since!

Rollin' with the Homies..

Rollin’ with the Homies..

And boy, do these girls go! There is not a thing that Lauren does around the house that the girls don’t do with her. They eat together…



… bathe together…

Squeaky Clean...

Squeaky Clean!

… and, of course, they sleep in the bed with Lauren.

Nite Nite!

Nite Nite!

That is, unless they’re bad, at which point evil Daddy locks them in the tower (top of the closet) for punishment.

Doin' Hard Time!

Doin’ Hard Time!

I would like to take this time to mention that out of all the girls, Princess Tiana is Lauren’s favorite. And it’s not because she’s black (even though we do tell Lauren that Tiana is the pretty one), but we think it’s because she looks the most like Lauren. So, whenever Lauren has an occasion where she can only take 1 girl, Tiana is always the one she picks. And it’s Tiana that gets the distinction of riding in the special “Girl Carseat” (*cough* cupholder).

The Only Way to Travel...

The Only Way to Travel…

In fact, Tiana has been to Show & Share at school 3 times!! That’s more than any other toy in our house. Truly a record to be proud of. :)

But Lauren loves all her girls and they love her. They love it when she builds them strawberry pancake (block) towers…

Little Girls 10

We Love Pancakes!

… and throws them dance parties…

Go Girls! Go Girls!

Go Girls! Go Girls!

… and of course tea parties…

Would You Like a Cup of Tea?

Would You Like a Cup of Tea?

And we love that OUR little girl has found 6 new friends. We know that these days won’t last forever and so we’re loving watching her imagination grow. :)


Where We’ve Been…

WOW!! It’s been a long time since my last post! Almost a year in fact. But I’ve been kinda missing blogging lately, and so I figured I’d do another post. This one to sort of fill in the gaps of where we’ve been in the past 9 months.

Well, for starters, I launched a photography business, The Lovely Days Photography!

The Withers’ for The Lovely Days Photography

It’s been a lot of fun and a great way to combine my love of families and photography. I was blessed from the beginning with some really great clients who’ve passed on a few nice referrals. Although, it hasn’t morphed into a full on replacement to my day job, it has been profitable, and, even better, has given me some great exposure into what it’s really like to own and market a small business.

Also, James and I developed and sold a brand new product on Amazon! It’s called the Precious Tummies re-useable food pouch.

Precious Tummies

Precious Tummies

Boy! Talk about an adventure! We did everything from research the market for them, to find the manufacturer, manage the design of the graphics & the packaging, do quality control and inventory management, create the website, launch the product, perform constant customer service and follow up (both good and bad), and manage our own the accounting. Unfortunately, in the end, we had some quality issues with the pouches, and so we had to take the listing down. But wow! We learned so much both professionally and personally, that it was definitely worth it.

James lost his grandmother, uncle, and father. I didn’t write much about it on this blog, but with the loss of Grandma Mary in August 2013…

We Love You, Grandma Mary!

We Love You, Grandma Mary!

… Uncle Wilson in October 2013…

We Love You, Uncle Wilson...

We Love You, Uncle Wilson!

… and his father, Ollie James Williams in November 2013…

We Love You, Mr. Williams!

We Love You, Mr. Williams!

… it was a tough holiday season for us. In a lot of ways our family is still healing from the losses, but we know that each of them is smiling down on us and sending blessings from above.

The biggest of those blessings being, WE PAID OFF OUR HOUSE!!!

It's OUR Home!!

It’s OUR Home!!

It was a goal we’d been working toward for a while, and every opportunity we got we put a little more into the house fund. Then, with the help of Precious Tummies and James’ internet marketing business, we walked into a bank one afternoon, and got the last check!

So Proud!

It is still just sinking in, and there are no words to express how grateful we are to GOD for this and all of His blessings on us. :)

Finally, I got a promotion! Originally I was doing sales and customer service a the flower shop I work at, and that has since transformed into a position in Outside Sales. I now manage the creation of the new website and all social media and email marketing, in addition to networking for new business and managing the wedding department. Most days it’s emails, phone calls, meetings, and posts, but some days it means getting to dress up like this and go to parties, which is fun. :)

Ready to Work!

Ready to Work!

So if you were wondering where we’ve been, that’s it in a nutshell. Also, below is a gallery of more photos from the past 9 months to get you fully caught up on where we are now. Enjoy! :)

Happy Pre-Halloween 2013

So tonight’s the night! Halloween 2013! Yes we’re Christian and we don’t celebrate the evil associated with Halloween, but we do dress up and partake in all of that wonderful candy, so sue us! 😛

Lauren’s official Halloween costume is a pirate (Arrrgh!). But in advance of the festivities, I took the opportunity to dress her up to go to school this morning as a fire-girl. I debated on whether or not to do, but after I put it all together, it came out SOOO CUTE, we had to head outside for a quick photo shoot!

So I’ve included the photos below, along with real -life quotes capturing what it’s like to take pictures with a 3 year old. 😛

"OK Let's Go Take Some Pictures!"

“OK Let’s Go Take Some Pictures!”

"Where Do I Stand?"

“Where Do I Stand?”

"OK, Cheese!"

“OK, Cheese!”

"Mommy, Can You Take A Picture Of My Shoe?"

“Mommy, Can You Take A Picture Of My Shoe?”

"OKAY... One More Timeee.. Cheeseee!!"

“OKAY… One More Timeee.. Cheeseee!!”

Then I guess it was time to go, because she just started walking off and as she did, I said “OK, Lauren, let Mommy get one more picture, can you turn around and say ‘Happy Halloween’?”… and I got this…

"Happy Halloween!"

“Happy Halloween!”

…and we were off to school! I hope you all have a safe and a fun night tonight, and I’ll be back soon with more pics! :)

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