Lauren’s Got An Accent!

Lauren doesn’t say¬† very many words just yet. “Milk”, “Bye”, “Bubble”, “Cawcaw (Cracker)”, “Puppy”, “Baby”, “Apple”, “Mama”, and “Da-deeee” are pretty much all we get of her. We’ve been trying to teach more words, but so far they come out as baby babble.

However, Sunday night James and I noticed that all the words Lauren does say, she says with a STRONG southern accent. We’ve been trying to capture it on video all week. So far the best we got was at Pronto Pasta on Tuesday night. Enjoy!

Now granted the video quality is not the best, and you’ve gotta strain to hear her say “Muc (Milk)”, but hey, as you can see we’re tired. (Her new found love of pointing to what she wants is wearing us out, lol.) However, those BYE’s ring loud and clear! Everything that comes out of that girl’s mouth has a good southern twang :)

For two parents who left their native accents back in Texas and Mississippi, we know we’re not to blame. We think we owe this one to her daycare teachers. We absolutely love all of them because they do great work; however, those ladies also have some STRONG North Carolina accents. To further substantiate my claim, I noticed yesterday when I picked Lauren up, there was a young Indian-American boy pointing to a picture book of puppies yelling “Dawg! Dawg! Dawg!”. I rest my case.

Either way we love our toot, and look forward to hearing what she’ll say next. We’ll let you know when we get a “Ya’ll” ūüėČ

We’ve Been Promoted!!

So it looks like we Hales girls are movin’ on up!! :)

Last week both Lauren and I received promotions at work/school. Mine was a promotion from “Assistant Project Manager” to “Project Manager I”. It’s a job I’ve been doing for the past three years, but due to the economy and corporate politics I wasn’t able to actually get the title… until now! :)

And it feels really good. This is what all of my late nights and long hours have been striving for. Not just to get the title, but to¬†EARN it. And despite a tough economy, a surprise baby, and an impossible project almost an hour away,¬†with God’s help, I was able to do just that!

To celebrate both my promotion and the completion of the impossible project, my company took the whole project team out to dinner at Angus Barn on Saturday night. James and I had a blast! The food was great, the service was impeccable, and it was nice to spend time with my coworkers and their wives, and to thank those wives (and my James) for standing behind each of us during one of the toughest times in our lives.

We did it guys!!

But like I mentioned, I’m not the only one getting a promotion… Lauren is too! Lauren has officially been promoted from her 12-18 month classroom to her 18 month – 2 year classroom. She did the transition last week and starts in her new class today. We are so proud of her!

Apparently, this promotion isn’t guaranteed simply because of your age, there are physical and social/emotional milestones each child has to hit before they are considered ready. You have to be walking, babbling, about the same size as the other kids, and starting to use your spoon before you get your letter. You also have to be able to be in the new room without crying and take commands from the new teachers. We’re proud to say that Lauren can do all of that! She did cry during her first few transition times, but towards the end of the week, when her Poppas came to get her, she didn’t want to leave.

Mommy went and met with Lauren’s new teachers and they told me some of the things Lauren would learn in the new class.¬†¬†Things like:

  • Simple¬†Commands (“Put your cup in the sink &¬†bowl in the trash.”, “Go into your cubbie and bring me your coat”, “Go stand in line for outside time.”)
  • Counting to Ten
  • Shape, Color, and Number¬†Reconition
  • How to Play (and Share) with Other Kids

Once she’s mastered these things she’ll be ready for transition to the 2 – 2.5 year class (where they start potty training).

But for now we’re not jumping the gun, we’re just happy to see all of her growth over the past 6 months in her old class. As Lauren’s moving out they’ve got new 1 year olds moving in and they look so small and new. It’s crazy to think of how much Lauren’s changed in such a short period of time. But she still is, and will remain, our baby. :)

Our Baby & Her Bubbles :)

Lauren’s 1st Daddy Daughter Dance!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, on Friday night Lauren’s daycare hosted a little Daddy Daughter Dance! Mommy was on hand for a couple of early shots, then she headed out to let Poppas and Lauren have their time. :)

This is Lauren when she first came out of the room…

She was pretty shy at first, but as soon as she saw James she got excited to see her Daddy and ready to get the party started…

She even caught the attention of the other Parents and Teachers!

… and then away they go! :)

And that’s all the pictures I was able to get…. or so I thought!

Out of nowhere, about 10:30 last night, James started playing this video he took on his phone. It shows he and Lauren just before they were about to leave. He was trying to get Lauren to dance, but it seems the party had got a little too rowdy for her. Then she noticed that her Dad had whipped out a video camera in the middle of her school dance, and like a preteen, she was ready to go! Check it out :)

I love it! There’s even a part in there where she looks out onto the floor as if to say, “I’m not going out there!” LOL. Anyway James said the two of them had a great time overall, but that it did get kind of wild toward the end, so after the video they came on home.

Yaaay for Daddy Daughter Dances! Do you remember ever going to one with your Dad? I don’t remember any official dances, but I do remember dancing around the living room and I’ll never forget our dance at my wedding. :)

Happy Valentine’s Day-Eve!!

Lauren’s Anywhere Chair

Lauren needed a place to sit. Since she out grew her rockers and bouncers, she really hasn’t had anywhere but the floor to sit on when we’re in the living room watching TV.

We tried putting her on the couch, but she’s still¬†learning how to get up there by herself.

We tried giving her pillows, but those provided no back support and weren’t very comfortable

So, for the past¬†few months I’ve been looking into the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair . It’s a cute little mini-couch that comes in infant and toddler sizes and in a variety of colors and patterns that rotate seasonally. Pottery Barn will even personalize it for free! I think they call it the Anywhere Chair because you can pretty much use it “anywhere” in your house: living room, bedroom, playroom, anywhere!

So last Wednesday, during a random trip to the mall we Hales dropped in to Pottery Barn Kids to let Lauren try one out. She LOVED it! So we ordered one right then and there, and yesterday it finally arrived! :)

Lauren's Anywhere Chair

After alot of back and forth, I selected the Regular Sized Purple Mini-Dot style with the White Piping and the name “Lauren” written on the back in Ballantine Script.

Lauren was just as excited as we were to check it out.

"What is this new thing?"

"Is it really mine??"

"Well it seems to have my name on it..."

"Thank You Poppas!! I love it!!"

¬†After the introductions,¬†the bouncing started!! Lauren would climb in the chair…

… jump up as high as she could go…

… and then slam back down!

She really got a kick out of it. :)

This was definitely one gift for Lauren that was worth every penny! No longer will she have to sit on the floor, or spend her evenings trying to climb onto the couch. She finally has her own chair. And now she’s¬†ready to relax…

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