Lauren’s Favorite Things: Fall 2013

Hello Blog!! Long time no chat! I know, I know, my bad. But these days I’m lucky to get a moment to call my Mom (hi Mom!), much less blog post. I promise, my next post will be titled “Where We’ve Been” as a bit of an explanation. But for now, I wanted to post something fun! A bit of a time capsule if you will. I wanted to share the Top 5 things our little 3 year old (can you believe it?!) is into now a days. OK, you ready, well let’s go!

Lauren’s Top 5 Favorite Things: Fall 2013

1. “Chicken Said Cluck” by Judyann Ackerman

Chicken Said Cluck

Who knew a little library book to make a kid so happy?! I picked this little guy up at our local library the other day to read with LDH. She’s been doing really well with her pre-reading skills, and I thought this might be just a fun one off story to keep her on the path. BOY, was I wrong?! She’s completely obsessed with little 30 page story about a chicken who’s shunned and then embraced by his two pumpkin farmers, Earl and Pearl. She asks about it all day long, and so we read it all day long! We even let her take it school yesterday to share with her class.


Daddy Reading “Chicken Said Cluck”

Too bad it’s got to go back to the library tomorrow! 😛

2. My Little Pony / Peg + Cat


OK, so some of you may know about our families love for all things My Little Pony. We watch at least one episode a day, keep episodes saved on our DVR, and have family sing-along parties to the soundtracks on YouTube. I can say with confidence that it is one if Lauren’s favorite cartoons. (Yes that link will take you to over an hour of Pony songs. Don’t judge us!)

However, you may not have ever heard of Lauren’s 2nd favorite cartoon, Peg + Cat. It’s a cute little show that comes on PBSKids (I think she found it using the PBSKids app) about a girl named Peg and her cat named Cat (sound familiar?) who go on these musical math adventures. I like that it’s all about a girl who does math (woohoo!), James thinks Cat is funny, Lauren likes reenacting Peg’s super dramatic breakdowns (“We have a really BIG problem!”), and of course we all like the funky songs they sing. To check out a little half episode and see what it’s all about head back on over to our friend YouTube for a short.

3. “Toast Sticks!”

toast stiks

Back at the beginning of September, we decided to put Lauren back in daycare full time for a number of reasons, one of which was so that she could spend more time with kids her age and learn to play in a big group. A big component of this was that she would no longer arrive at school at 9-10am, but at 8am so that she could eat breakfast with her friends.

Well, Daddy and the Toast Sticks have put a kink in that plan! Some days when I have to go in to work, Lauren & Daddy run a little late, so instead of taking her in and just eating there, Daddy takes Lauren out for breakfast at the local Burger King where she gets “Toast Sticks!” At first it was a once, maybe twice, thing. Now it’s become a once maybe twice a week thing, and Lauren asks for Toast Sticks all the time, even when she’s at school eating the school food! Sigh… :)

4. Playdoh


Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like Playdoh? Well I don’t! I guess I used to as a kid, but then I grew up and saw what that stuff could do to carpet. Ugh! That’s why we’ve never had it in our house… until now. One of Lauren’s friends gave it to her for her birthday, and now she’s in love! And it’s not just her, apparently James loves Playdoh too!

James, Lauren, & her friend Zoey Loving Playdoh

So now she asks to play with it all the time. To her credit, she’s pretty neat with it and doesn’t mix the colors. She even helps clean it up and put it back in it’s cups when she’s done. Meanwhile, I stand by nervously clutching a broom, ready to pounce at the first crumb that hits the rug! Ya’ll pray for me… :)

5. “White Ice Cream”


Not sure why that name rubs me the wrong way, but if you ask Lauren what kind of special treat she wants, she will inevitably say “White Ice Cream!”. I think what she means to say is vanilla ice cream with no sauce or toppings. However, some where along the way she learned that it was called white ice cream, and she’s not sure what vanilla is, so we roll with it. I even keep a little in the freezer as a reward/bribe. However, everytime I go to eat it, I do my best to make it as “black” as possible 😉

And so those are the top 5 things that make our little girl smile. What’s making you smile lately? Also be sure to check back for that update post on where we’ve been. Until then…

Happy Grandparents Day!!

In honor of Grandparent’s Day (yesterday), and as a small gift to my Mom, who I’m sure is our most faithful blog reader, I wanted to post a few pics and introduce you all to “Princess Lauren”!!

"Hi Everybody"

“Hi Everybody”

She comes complete with a pretty princess wand…


… and pretty princess shoes!


She uses them to fight off big bad Daddy-Dragons….


While still keeping her dress…


… and hair neat. :)


And making her Mom & Dad very happy!


So to all of Lauren’s grandparents and great-grandparents, HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY!! We love you all so much. :)


Lauren’s “AprilMayJune” Photos are Up!!

Yes yes, I know it took a while, but I’ve finally posted 3 back log months of pictures. Wooohoo!! :) And after looking at them you’ll understand why. You can go here to see all the pictures, and below is a little summary of what you’ll find!

In April’s photos you’ll see how she went to an amazing wedding…


… enjoyed some great playdates…


… helped out with the laundry…


… and had some fun in the sun!


And before we knew it it was time for May, when she spent some time in the country with her cousins…

2013-05-24 12.49.35

… said goodbye to some good friends…


… and worked on her new do!


And then we blinked, and it was June(!), the month of our big family vacation to Savannah…

2013-06-07 13.03.26

… Tampa/Siesta Key…

2013-06-08 16.50.50

… And Disney World!


We also worked on our soccer skills….


… and our bike! 😉


So as you can see, we’ve been pretty busy! But we’re still here! And we’re glad you are too. :) Be back soon with more updates and fun!

Random Mom Musings for the Day

Hey guys!

I know it’s been FOREVER since I posted, but I wanted to share a few of my random musings from the day. Just a few of my thoughts as I went through an typical day with my almost 3 year old little girl. So without any further ado, let’s get into my…

Random Mom Musings for the Day:

  1. Getting compliments on your little girls hair is so worth every second of the HOURS it took to get it to look like that.
  2. Hanging out with your kid would be so much more fun if you didn’t have to tell them not to lick the door handle in the bathroom.
  3. I’ve become the non-cool mom jammin out to some song from 10 year ago on the radio while she screams “No Mommy!! STOP DANCING!!!” from the back seat.
  4. How is it that when you ask your kid to go wash their hands and face, they can go in the bathroom and stand in front of a sink of water with the faucet at full power, and manage to not get a SINGLE DROP on either their hands OR their face?!
  5. A Toddler’s Idea of Interior Decorating “After cleaning a room, scatter legos on the floor for a little pop!”
  6. Me: “Why are you crying?!?” Lauren: “[Insert mumbled frustration about how some attempt to do something destructive didn’t work out]” Me: “Hahaha! Mom-1, Kid…20 :-/”
  7. Stop trying to carry everything in your mouth, no, you’re not a puppy.
  8. Stop shrieking for no reason in public, it scares old people.
  9. Stop grabbing things off the counter! Just because you can reach it, doesn’t mean it’s for you. Go play with those loud brightly colored hard plastic things strewn all over my house, you know, your TOYS!
  10. Hardest job I’ve ever had & the boss is crazy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world… well… maybe not the whole world, but a quiet island in Tahiti would be nice… 😉
As close to Tahiti as I'm getting for now...

As close to Tahiti as I’m getting for now. :)

In Honor of Mother’s Day, A Letter to Lauren…

Dear Lauren,

Thanks for making me a mom. Not just any mom, your mom.

The way the Lord brought us together was not my design, or even my desire, at the time. But, in being true to your nature, even today, you did not care what I wanted, you were coming anyway.

And the first year and half was rough. I spent most of it chasing after everything else I that was, employee, wife, friend, rather than just being your mom.

But after a year of just focusing on you, and your dad, and our home, I’m finding that being your Mom brings out the best parts of me!

It makes me more patient, more kind, more thoughtful, more relaxed. I give more grace, and enjoy more laughs, and have learned to appreciate just being able to make you smile. Loving you has helped me to understand how God loves us, and that understanding has transformed me.

So to the little girl who squirms when I do her hair, spills something different on the floor every day, and has no problem waking me up for a cuddle at 5am… The same little girl who smiles every time she sees me, makes up silly songs with me in the quiet moments, and is definitely one of my favorite dancing buddies…

Thank you for making me your Mom. I love you… :)

Ashleigh & Lauren, 5 Months In…

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