We Like To Party!!

… cue that Beyonce song as the background music…

We Hales’ are just now starting to come out our biggest party season of the year. Every year about this time we spend our weekends attending weddings, birthday parties, and baby showers, and we LOVE it!!

Of course Lauren loves the birthday parties best, with all the fun games and yummy food!

Happy Birthday KJ!!

Daddy loves the baby showers, (cuz I never make him go)… 😉

But my favorite, by far, are the weddings!! I love going to weddings! I love the food and the drink, the decor, and the music, the attention to detail, and the overall desire every host has for you to have the best time of your life… so I make sure I do! So this April, when we Hales’ were to be invited to not one, but 2 amazing weddings, I made sure I was ready to party.

The first wedding was the wedding of one of my best girlfriends, Melanie to the wonderful Mr. William Lake. It was held in Philadelphia, PA, and so we dropped Lauren off in DC with Auntie Jessie & Uncle Draz so that Mommy & Daddy could make a date of it. Therefore while Lauren was taking pictures like this…

Off to the Park!

and this…

Pizza with Pet!

and this…

Let’s Go Cuse!

Mommy & Daddy were taking pictures like this…

and this…

and this…

As you can tell we had a pretty good time! Well, not as good a time as these two…

Yeah they had a pretty good time… 😉

But we had a good time none the less! Of course we were super hype to get a date night…

My Favorite Dinner Date

… and also to catch up with friends…

… and Mommy just couldn’t wait to get on the dance floor!

But hey! It was a celebration!! Of our group of 7, this was #4 to get married!

Congrats Mel!!

… and we were all so happy to celebrate our girl and our bond.

My Girls…

But the party didn’t stop there!!! About 2 weeks later, Lauren got to attend her very 1st wedding when she got invited to the ceremony for this lovely and amazing Thomas & Adebola Stratton!!

Congrats to the Strattons!!

It was truly a beautiful event! It was held at the The Cotton Room in Downtown Durham.

Check out that table decor!

Although I was a little nervous about it, seeing as it was her 1st wedding, Lauren had a blast! She loved singing the songs with Mommy…

… eating all the yummy food…

… and most of all the dance floor!!

Enjoying the Party!

I mean this girl cut up! She was practically a permanent fixture out on the floor.

Her favorite songs were the line dances, like when they played the Cha-Cha Slide and The Wobble, or as Lauren calls it, “The Wobble Dance”. She would jump, roll her arms, and sing “yeah, yeah!” She asked for it at least twice more later that week. :)

“Wobble Baby Wobble!”

We stayed out on that floor and danced and danced until she and Daddy both tapped out around 10pm. Only pausing for a moment for a quick cake break and then back on the floor!!

We Like to Par-Tay!!

So, as you can see, we had some great times in April and with the everyday stresses of work and life, it’s nice to spend time with the folks you love and enjoy the party!! :)

Our Favorite Prayers

Jesus said in Matthew 19:14,

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to those such as these.”

Amen. You see, we are a family of (non-denominational) Christians. Because of that, I’ve always known that Lauren is not just my daughter, but she’s God’s daughter, and that it’s my job to make sure she knows that. That’s why we had her dedicated back to God as early as possible, and then immediately put her into our church’s children’s program, Overcomer Kids.

God Bless Lauren!! :)

That’s why we encourage her reading biblical stories, and learning biblical songs.

Lauren & Daddy, Rise & Shine

And that’s why are working hard to teach her her prayers. So, I thought it might be fun, to share some of those prayers.

The first prayer she learned at daycare. Apparently, they say it every morning during circle time. I had no idea they were even teaching her prayers until one day, she came home, clapped my hands together and said it to me:

Dear God,

Thank You for Everything!

Bless Mommy & Daddy,

Bless My Friends & Bless My School,

And Help Me To Be Good!


That’s it. Short and Sweet. The next prayer is one she learned at school as well. It’s the one she says over her food, and when we let her lead dinner prayer, it’s definitely her prayer of choice. At school it’s sung to the tune of Frere Jacques, at home, we just say the words:

Lord, We Thank You

For Our Food,

And Our Many Blessings.

We Love You!


The last prayer she says is the night time prayer and one that Mommy made up. She’s still learning the words, but every night we lay her down and kneel by her bed, and she repeats after us:

Thank You Jesus,

For My Day,

All My Work,

And All My Play.

Now Help Me Lord,

To Get Some Rest,

So Tomorrow I,

Can Be My Best!


It only takes a few moments, but it brings every part of her day back to God. Something we feel is so important for her to learn, and we hope one day it gives her a sense of perspective of the role God plays in her life. But for now we know we know we’re just laying the foundations, and starting to share the love of Christ with our little angel.

P.S.: It’s you’re looking for a neat little book full of prayers for your little one, check out your local DollarTree! They have these great mini-books called “A Child’s Book of Prayers”, that are just perfect for preschoolers. :)

Lauren & The Phone

Uh Oh! I think we may have a problem here…

Our little girl has developed a LOVE for talking on the phone!

Pretty much when it rings, she thinks it’s for her. And if you give it to her she’ll run into the other room and proceed to have a conversation.

A lot of time’s it’s still just kinda jibberish. Mostly talk about the iPad and Team Umizoomi, how she wants chicken nuggets, fries, and juice, and her Daddy’s going to church. But she’ll really get into it! Hand motions and everything!

And so occasionally we oblige her. We put it on speaker phone, so we can her the callers pleas for her to “Put your Momma back on the phone!” But while they’re talking we let them talk.

And we sit back, and hope it’s just a phase. 😉

A Quick March Recap

Wow! So can you believe we’re in April?! I don’t know about you, but 2013 is flying by for us. So much so that we didn’t actually stop to take a lot of pictures of the stuff we did in March, but the ones we did take I’m going to use to do a quick recap of our month.

March started out with Mommy heading up to DC for a GREAT bacheleorette weekend with her girls from college. We laughed, we ate, we partied, and I took photos like this;

Me and Killa Cam!

and this…

Me & Janea!

Meanwhile, James and Lauren stayed behind and took pictures like this…

Art Time with Daddy!

… and this …

Post “Art” Clean Up!

The next weekend it was time for the first official birthday party of the season, (and yes I did say the season!) Nadia‘s 3rd Birthday at The Little Gym. Lauren had a blast! The party was full of friends from school and others she’s hung with at other parties…

Waiting for Her Turn…

… and when it was her turn to ride her very 1st zipline, you could just feel how much fun she was having!

And we’re glad she did, because afterward Mommy and Daddy had some adult fun at a couples bowling night (sorry no pictures).

The next weekend the good times kept a-rollin’ when Lauren got to have her very 1st sleepover with her girlfriend Zoey

Wild Times!!

… followed the next day by a full day spent with her homie Myles! We were kind of worried they were going to be sick of each other and fighting by the end of the day, but I think the experience really brought them closer.

The Watched the Raleigh St. Paddy’s Day Parade Together…

… then had a picnic in the park…

… and by the end of the day were really close! (credit: Kafi)

But then the fun ground to a halt when we got a phone call from Down Home, that James’ Grandma Mary was on life support. So we immediately jumped in the car and got on the road.

A Long, Late Road Trip

When we got there we found a lot of monitors…

… and medicines…

… but by the grace of GOD she was alive and on the mend. So we spent a few days with her making sure that everything was OK, and then said a quick and sad goodbye to head on home.

Bye Gram! See you soon!

When we got home, we were right back into the party scene!

Happy Birthday KJ!!

All to be wrapped up with a meeting with a beauty queen a USO event with Daddy…

Watch That Stick Guys!

… and of course, Easter!

Getting Ready for the Party!

And just like that, March was done! Somewhere in between that we hosted a couple dinner parties, had quite a few playdates, and at least one more date night, so I’d call that a GREAT month! And now we’re looking forward to April, the springtime, and of course, a lot more fun!

At a USO Event with Daddy!


P.S.: Lauren’s March 2013 photos are up.

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