Oh The DRAMA!!

Lauren is officially in her tantrum stage… yay. It’s not too bad, but just about everyday we can expect her to fall out over something. It starts with the whining like in the picture above. Then there’s the fall out on the floor with your hands up….

… then hands down…

Then stand up and whine to make sure you’re heard. (This is our favorite because after James and I walk away she will literally take this whine all over the house!)

Followed by crawling on the floor for extra emphasis…

… capped off by curling into a ball for a touch of flair! 😉

And all this for what???

Well let’s see, yesterday morning it was the milk cup. You see we  needed to run the dishwasher, so this was the cup we served Lauren her morning milk in…

… and this was the cup she wanted…

One more time in case you missed it: Cup we gave…

… cup she wanted…

The exact same milk, but the difference in cups resulted in about 15 solid minutes of inconsolable theatrics. Sigh! However, after we, I mean her incredibly patient father, ran downstairs and washed a new cup for her, she was fine.

Double Sigh!!

I’m not sure why this started or how long it will last. I’m also not always sure how to make her stop. So far the only thing I have learned is how to not let it bother me. In fact, lately James and I have been using Lauren’s pre-dinner falling out session as a chance to get a moment alone. Evil, I know right? But as Lauren wades into her Terrific 2’s, we’ll take every moment of peace we can get! 😉

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  1. Edwina says:

    Definitely terrible twos, but get under control now because it’s much worse on public! The play by play breakdown of the tantrum is classic !! LMAO

  2. James says:

    Thanks Eddy, yeah its crazy that she’s come into here own and thinks she can manipulate us with her theatrics. 1/2 the time we just look at her and walk out the room…and then she follows us and gets louder……but its funny just to go from room to room and she follow us all around trying to throw a tantrum.

  3. Kafi Hill says:

    AHHH Toddlers!! Myles does the exact samething!! They say just walk away but what do you do when they follow you…ugh!! After Myles puts on a show he comes and gives me a hug and sits on my lap like nothing happend. I’m thinking “yo dude you may have calmed down but I haven’t I still need more time”. Gotta Love’em

    Hope to see you guys soon :)

    • A friend says:

      This message is for Kafi Hill. I rented a car from Thrify in RDU and found your stroller in the trunk. I have turned it back into Thrifty lost and found

  4. Kafi Hill says:

    Oh the joys of toddlers!!! Myles is doing the same thing. They say walk away and ignore but what do you do if they follow up??!! When Myles is done putting on a shw he wants to sit in my lap and give me a hug. I’m thinking “dude you may have calmed down but I still need more time ” . I guess that’s his way of say “what had happen was…..”

    Btw I can kinda see the difference between the two cups :) just kidding.

    See you guys soon.

    • Ashleigh says:

      That’s cool we love reading it twice! And I wish Lauren would hug us after a tantrum!! Lately she’s been starting to hold a grudge. But whatever! She’s still got 16 years, she’ll get over it!

  5. Camille says:

    Haha…best post of the year. I defintely enjoyed the play-by-play and the photo analysis for the two cups. I find I am much more effective at work after doing a little crawling and curling up on the floor lol. I looks like Lauren will be a girl who knows what she wants….sounds like somebody else I know 😉

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